There is a problem in the way people think about innovation. It is generally assumed that following a process or a sequence of steps will lead to innovation. Our research shows that this is not enough. We live in a dynamic and complex world. What we need to innovate in this dynamic space is a way to form an innovation mindset - a way of perceiving, thinking, acting, and collaborating that takes into account the affordances of complex situations. Through Enacting Innovation, we can help you to develop such a mindset.

A quick Google search for “innovation consulting” will turn up a long list of results. A closer examination reveals nice websites, long lists of services offered, and generally some kind of gimmick that makes their workshops more effective.

Our workshop is not based on gimmicks, but on scientific research of innovative design behavior. We provide a training experience that has two unique aspects.

  1. It is targeted to what product development teams require to become more innovative. This is achieved by base-lining each team on innovation metrics derived from our research.

  2. It includes personalized coaching and contextualized training activities that make sense for product development teams working on their own projects. This enables the team integrate our approach into their projects and sustain their innovative practice after we leave.

We are selling more than a list of actions; we are teaching you how make your culture innovative.

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